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Type 2 Type 1 and Tesla Adapters, What's the Deal?

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This is from one of our FAQs, we often get asked "what Tesla adapter do I need?"  If your model 3 input port looks like this and you are in the US odds are good you will need a Type 1 J1772 to Tesla adapter. The Type 1 J1772 is standard or most common to the US market, and New Tesla vehicles often times comes with a ready adapter for J1772 plugs.  Your adapter would look like this. Notice the upside-down or frown face that is common to the Tesla input port. You would plug this side into the car. ...

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EV Charging Plugs explained

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EV’s are finally gaining acceptance (thank you Tesla) and the big manufacturers are finally jumping on the EV bandwagon.  Now that we an ever-expanding choice of EV’s, and PHEV’s to choose from, it can get a little murky when looking for a charger due to all the various plug types, so we thought it would be great to help explain the differences between them all. Why so many different plugs? There currently isn’t a unified, adopted plug type, so it varies across regions and models, however as of late we’re seeing the Combined Charging System (CCS) being adopted in North...

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