Type 2 Type 1 and Tesla Adapters, What's the Deal?

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This is from one of our FAQs, we often get asked "what Tesla adapter do I need?" 

If your model 3 input port looks like this and you are in the US odds are good you will need a Type 1 J1772 to Tesla adapter. The Type 1 J1772 is standard or most common to the US market, and New Tesla vehicles often times comes with a ready adapter for J1772 plugs. 

Your adapter would look like this. Notice the upside-down or frown face that is common to the Tesla input port. You would plug this side into the car. 

While as the other side looks like this and accept the Type 1 J1772 Charger. You would connect this end to the charger. You can find Type 1 J1772 to Tesla adapters available on Ecokruz.com.

On the other hand, if you are located in Europe or run into a rare Type 2 IEC-62196 Charger, what you'll want is a Type 2 to Tesla adapter OR if you are in the US you will want to use a Type 2 to Type 1 adapter as pictured below. 

What you'll want to do is plug the Type 2 charger into the side with 7 holes. Now take the other side and plug that into your Type 1 J1772 adapter as we described earlier. We find this method to be more cost effective, costing roughly $200 while as the Type 2 to Tesla adapter is harder to find and can cost anywhere from $400-$750. 

We no longer carry the Type 2 IEC-62196 chargers and wallboxes, other than special requests as we find out more than 90% of our customers are from the US market and other than Tesla superchargers, the Type 1 J1772 is becoming more of the norm in the US. However we do carry a great selection of EV Charger Adapters  from Type 1 to Type 2, Type 2 to Type 1, Type 2 extension cords, you name it. As always let us know if you have any questions or comments, you can text us, leave us a comment below or email us at info@ecokruz.com. 

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